The Script

West Wind
Melvin Magnificat
Melvin's Blue Sidekick
Melvin's Tan Sidekick
Cheri's Mother
Cheri's Father
Lord Kuruku
Roller Dragon
Baby Demons
Sphinx's Daughter
Trojan Horse

Poor innocent creature. As the West Wind, the Gods have ordered me to abandon you on the Hill Of Oblivion. But I cannot do it

Instead, I will leave you here Unico. And pray that the Gods don't find you

Once again, you are all alone, you will remember nothing of what has happened. Goodbye Unico...

Where Am I?
How did I get here?
Is anybody here?
There's got to be somebody.
HEY! Can anybody hear me?!

Hey put a lid on it, I'm trying ta sleep

Yippee there's somebody here,there's somebody here! ha ha ha

Hey, where are you? Oh there you are, who are you?

What do you mean Who Am I? Where have you been, Mars or something?
I am Melvin Magnificat, and this is my forest

Oh Melvin Magnificat, that certainly is an attractive coat you have

You better believe it! It strikes terror into the hearts of anyone that sees it OW

Oh are you alright?
Oh shaddup!

Where you from Pee Wee?
I don't know
Where you headed?
I don't know

I never met anybody before who didn't know where he came from or where he's headed to. Lotsa luck, Pee Wee!
Huh?! what in the world are you?

I'm Unico
Wwwhat sort of a name is that?
What sorta thing are you
I'm...Unico, that's all, just Unico
Y-yeah but what exactly is a Unico? maybe you're some kind of sheep? oh
No, I don't think I'm any kind of sheep

Ohh well I ain't seen never seen nothing like you before, I don't like your looks
uh wait...wwwhat are you doing?

I'm Unico that's all I know!
yahhh stay away from me, get back!
I'm not going to do anything
That's what you say,
what's that horn doing on your head?
You're just waitin to stick me with it as soon as my back is turned

I wouldn't do anything like that
Yahhh stay away from me!
Go ahead kill me, I'm all yours, get it over with!
Oh hoo I'm so young, I had my whole life ahead of me

Take a good look at that guy you're so scarred of
ya know, when you start bawling like a baby in front of a midget like that, we begin to wonder whether you should be the Boss of this forest anymore
bbut, his horn
Heh, its the size of a toothpick, it couldn't harm a flea
hey watch ou...
what's the big idea? thought you could pull a fast one on me did ja?
hah hah, you're not so tough after all, are you? ill teach you to make a fool out of Melvin Magnificat
Yahhh! I'm gonna kill you
I'm gonna turn that horn of yours into mandolin picks!
stop right where you are, Pee Wee

I won't!
ok, that does it, now you've made me mad!
there he goes!
if he knows what's good for him, he'll clear outta my forest and pronto! cmon

you handled that real good
well that's what a boss is for afterall
yeah that's true enough

he told me to get out of his forest, but I don't know which way is out...

hi! I'm Unico, who are you? ohh
hi I'm Unico...oh, nobody seems to like me in this forest...


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By Scott Lahn
Copyright []. All rights reserved.