Religious Overtones
(A Note) The creator of the series Osamu Tezuka was also known to make other religious TV series that made it to the US. So it would be no suprise if these were intentionally put in here. These aren't verified, just observances me and Nathan made.
Hill Of Oblivion
  Unico was banished to the Hill Of Oblivion. Jesus was banished to the Hill Of Calvary.
Tempted By The Devil
  Beezel played the role as Lucifer tempting God (Unico) to join him
Eyes Are The Window To The Soul
The Trojan horse tells Cheri, Unico , and the sphinx's daughter to look into his eye to find out the entire story on Kuruku. A popular phrase is "Eyes Are The Window To The Soul"
(see picture) Not to ignore the obvious, but this cross is shaped a little too much like the cross Jesus was crucified upon.