Mythical Overtones

Fairy Tales have always encouraged something in movies. These were the ones me and my friend Nathan found while watching Unico.
Pied Piper
Pied Piper Of Hamilin Instead of luring small children away, Toby played his flute to control where the living puppets went.
Gingerbread Men
The living puppets look a lot like some sort of gingerbread men. Even with the eyes, they seem like some kind of decoration you'd make if you were to make gingerbread men.
=_= Toooby A man who sold his soul to the devil for special powers, much like Toby did with Kuruku.
Blah! Blah I say Yes, the puppet we all know and love. Kuruku was once a mere puppet, but he came to life because of the light at the End Of The Earth.