All of these are from Fantastic Adventures Of Unico

Wherever You May Go Lonely Katy the Kitty Witch

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"Wherever You May Go"

The little fellow named Unico
As cute as cute can be
An innocent boy was unico so happy and so carefree
What heaven
Life as sweet as nature could have planned
What strange gift do you hold in your hand
Is it true
That wherever you may go
Oh Unico
Across the land the fighting will cease
And the night will turn to day
All tears will simply disappear and the world will say
"We love you, Oh Unico"
"We love you"

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Lonely all my life
I've been lone for all my life
But not until today did I know
You set me free and you have made me see
That I don't have to live
With a cloud over me
You want to be my friend and I've never had a friend
You're the first who ever stretched his hand out to me
But something deep inside
Makes me want to run and hide
I guess I'm just the kind you cant comply
Though I try
There's a part of me that's saying no
Telling me
To let you go

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"Katy The Kitty Witch"

A magical broom
And a magical hat
On Katy the kitty witch
So if you ever need a magical cat
Katy's the kitty to call
There are all kinds of cats
Some are wicked some are good
And I know more magic than a good cat should
Wave your arms and shout you wont scare me away
I'll do what I want to you, anyway
Moonlight or sunlight
There is magic to do
On Katy the kitty witch
If a red ribbon bow is appealing to you
Katy's the kitty to call
I'll make clouds out of candy
With a wave of my hand
Wonderful powers are at my command
Call out my name, anytime that you choose
I'll blow you a bubble full of ruby red shoes
When night has fallen
And the worlds in bed
And you're feeling all alone
Remember the magical things that I said
Katy's the kitty to cal

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Revised: August 29, 2000.