Fan Artwork

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Art by Joey*

A cute green Toby with a Living Puppet toy!

Toby with Kuruku Doll, art by Joey

Toby With a little Kuruku doll!

My ribbons red, my whiskers long, my paws as white as snow..

Katy sings to Toby. Toby is confused!

Oh my, they're Perfect for each other!

Oh wow! The cutest couple ever! Toby and Katy!!

More little dolls! heehee

Joey never ceases to amaze me with her artwork! More dollies!

Yama Neko wearing Toby's hat

^_^ Waiii!

art by joey

Joey's first art she made for me. Really cool drawing of Toby and Cherry as kids!

here fishy fishy fishy

Hah! Toby gives a fishy to Melvin! The colouring on this is amazing!


Not directly a Unico Fan Art, but much like me, Shade was also influenced highly by watching Unico. This is her Phantasy Star fan art. Notice how the red-haired girl bares a striking resemblence to Katie!


Exellent work! The girl at the upper-left is the artist. She told me she would have put in Baron DeGhost, but there wasn't enough room =[.

Wonderful Unico art.