Well after all these years, theres finally Unico cosplay.  The Toby costume is first TRUE costume I've ever had and I plan to wear it to quite a few cons. After the first con it debuted at other people were inspired to make their own and now its become quite popular among Cosplayers. Enjoy!


Mappyman as Toooooby!!!

Cosplayer:  Mappyman
Age: 20
Costume Worn: AWA6, SugoiCon, Katsucon
About: My best cosplay ever! This costume was made by the very talented Chloe Braga and it even won "Honorable Mention" at SugoiCon

Cosplayer: Taliesin Jaffe
Costume Worn At: NekoCon Ichi
About: [Tikki] "i think Taliesin had it professionally made. it was a great costume! he even had the hair sweep action going... it took an entire can of Aqua Net and mousse, but he came as close as anyone can with normal hair."
Website: A Cameo Here
Costume Designer Setsuna Kou
Cosplayer: Setsuna Kou
About: Chloe and her sister Heidi make costumes as a profession and are Really good at it. You can find her site where she custom designs costumes here. When making a new one, she usually takes pictures of her wearing it to show what it looks like. This is the Toby cotume she made for me.


Artist Joey as Yama Neko-chan
Cosplayer: Joey
Age: 17
Costume Worn At: AWA7
About: Known for her amazing art skills, Joey finished her costume over a Thanksgiving holiday! She plans to (hopefully) wear it for Animazement's Unico Cosplay meeting. You can see an early sketch of ths costume here.

~Cherry Toy~

Very Cool Cherry Toy
Cosplayer: Tikki
Age: 22
Costume Worn At: AWA6 & 7, NekoCon 3
About: Tikki is a well known costumer and has made lots of really great costumes. Her most famous probably being Naga from Slayers. Her Cherry Toy costume is simply astonishing and came out really well!


Chibi Unico
Age: 6
Costume Worn At: NekoCon 3
About: The costume was a gift Tikki made for her niece along with a Sailor Venus costume and it looks really cute! ^_^

~Punk Unico~

Aku Unico
Cosplayer:  Ichiban Crush
Costume Worn At: AWA6
About: In the spirit of AWA6's "Punk" theme, Ichiban Crush made a Punk Unico costume (that mascot for AWA6 was AstroBoy; another one of Osamu Tezuka's creations) It was a bit of a twist, but looked pretty cool since it was a totally original concept.

~Night Wind~

H-chan Night Wind
Cosplayer:  H-chan
Costume Worn At: Katsucon 2001
About:Heather "H-Chan" is a very well known cosplayer and has made a lot of wonderful costumes. She was interested in doing Night Wind for quite sometime and she made the costume really well, all the way down to the eyelashes and 6-inch heels!

~Katy Human Form~

Carolyn as Katy
Cosplayer:  Carolyn
Costume Worn At: Animazement 2001
About: Carolyn saw my Toby costume at AWA and wanted to do a Unico costume of her own. She wasn't sure of which to be at first but decided Katy would be the best.

~Sphinx's Daughter~

Cat as Sphinx's Daughter
Cosplayer:  Cat Robinson
Costume Worn At: Animazement 2001
About: Both H-Chan and Cat made Unico costumes for this convention and they came out really great. Cats Sphinx's Daughter costume looked as if it could even be worn as pajamas!

~Living Puppet~

Lander As Living Puppet
Cosplayer:  Lander
Costume Worn At: Katsucon
About: Landers idea of THE BOX took a funny turn. At conventions he braings a plain, ordinary cardboard box and people randomly come up and sign it/write messages. This time THE BOX came to life as a Living Puppet!


Kuruku by Tikki
West Wind by Maryssa