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Hello I'm Unico, thats all I know!

Banned from humanity by the Gods for spreading joy and laughter, Unico is the shows main character. He has the power to become a full powered unicorn when anyone truly loves him.

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West Wind

I will always watch over you Unico

West wind. She watches over and protects Unico from the Gods. They ordered her to take him to the Island Of Solitude but she crossed the Gods and took him elsewhere. While Unico can stay for some time in one place, West Wind must always take Unico away before the Gods find him.

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S M A C K!

Melvin the Magnificat! He claims to be the leader of the forest. At first he is scared of Unico because of his horn. Melvin is pretty ill-tempered most times but in truth he's really just a scardy cat.

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Melvin's Sidekicks

Thats nice music, makes you want to cry

Melvin's sidekicks are the ones who convince him that Unico is nothing to be scared of and and up chasing Unico out of their forest. They don't have much of a role as they are the first to be turned into living puppets by Toby.

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You gotta love him

Toby! My personal favorite character. Cheri's brother was thought to have disappeared years ago, but returns wearing a magicians cape. He serves as Lord Kuruku's servant by doing his every bidding. Toby's powers are limited to that of turning things into living puppets, shapeshifting inanimate objects, and reversing the spell cast on living toys. He is kind-hearted and cares deeply for his sister Cheri.

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Oh my

Toby's sister. She finds Unico shortly before her brother returns to turn their town into living puppets. Cheri and Unico both join up to reverse the spell cast upon their parents and stop Kuruku from doing anymore evil.

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Toby & Cheri's Parents

Mama and Papa

Cheri and Toby's parents. Cheri's dad would like to forget the troubles their family went through since Toby left. Cheri's mom is very nice, and helps her in making friends with Unico.

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I will struggle to hide my terror

"Toooooooooby....Tooooooby....", a quote used often by Kuruku. As Toby's master, he orders him to go out in the world and bring him Living Puppets. Living puppets are the result of his magic that turns things into giant blocks. Kuruku was created with the hatred and anger for humans because as a puppet he was mistreated.

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Roller Dragon


Baaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! Roller Dragon has got to one of the coolest funny-yet-bad guys ever. He patrols Kuruku's castle in search of intruders and escapees. Then he hauls them back to the dungeon no harm done. All this while screaming his dragon yell "Baaaaaaaaaaaah!!"

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Sphinx's Daughter

Now that's more like it

While searching for a way to reverse Kuruku's spell, the Demons tell Cheri and Unico to ask the Sphinx for an answer. Unfortunately the only person they find (or finds them) is the Sphinx's daughter. She is a wild one who gladly helps Unico in his quest.

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Trojan Horse

Here, let me dust you off

The Sphinx's daughter directed Cheri and Unico to the End Of The Earth to find an answer on how to beat Kuruku. There they find the great Trojan Horse. Although he doesn't have a direct answer, he does know the story on how Kuruku came to be.

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