Mahô no Shima he

Art Book

At a recent Anime convention; Project A-Kon 11 I saw this art book for Unico. Without hesitation or even glancing at the price, I bought this Extremely rare art book. It is a novel version of the movie and tells the story of Unico In The Island Of Magic. The book also contains lyrics to the song, cast & credits to the film. The images are in both Normal and Full-sized

Book Cover [Full Size]- The above image with the entire cast
Page 1 [Full Size]- Cherry and Unico
Page 2 [Full Size]- Kuruku chasing Unico with wings
Page 3 [Full Size]- Unico on stairs/Marusu Looking at Unico
Page 4 [Full Size]- Cherry holding Unico/ Kuruku fumed!
Page 5 [Full Size]- Unico all alone/Torubi/Forest rabbits
Page 6 [Full Size]- Torubi & Yama Neko/Unico in water/Yama Neko yelling at Unico
Page 7 [Full Size]- Cherry talking to Unico in a basket/Torubi listening to Kuruku's orders
Page 8 [Full Size]- Torubi flying around the city/ Living Puppets going to the ship
Page 9 [Full Size]- Demons/Torubi and Toy Cherry/Cherry & Unico with demons
Page 10 [Full Size]- Demons/Torubi playing the flute
Page 11 [Full Size]- Grown Unico/Puppet Kuruku/Maruru laughing
Page 12 [Full Size]- The End Of The Earth/Trojan Horse
Page 13 [Full Size]- Unico attacking/Kuruku laughing
Page 14 [Full Size]- Unico falling/Roller Dragon
Page 15 [Full Size]- Torubi & Cherry with family/Ending Theme song lyrics
Page 16 [Full Size]- The characters and their descriptions
Page 17 [Full Size]- West Wind/Unico story
Page 18 [Full Size]- Cherry with Unico/West Wind/Seiyuu Voice Actors
Back Cover [Full Size]- Unico Attacking!

9/21/2000 by Mappyman