About This Site
Soul Purpose
This page was created to be a rarity. When I first went searching for any Unico sites I found only 1; The World Of Unico. Seeing how popular this is, I thought it needed more attention. Since most of my life now derived from watching Unico as a child, I think its only right that I express my story to other people in a website. Plus since I couldn't find any Unico In The Island Of Magic pictures on the internet, I figure I'd make my own then use them to decorate this site I made.
  Why black background? Its easier on the eyes. when you view webpages late at night like I do, you don't want to be mega-brightened by some happy sunny site. Besides in my opinion, Unico In The Island Of Magic had a much darker tone than the first Unico.
  For this site I used Microsoft Front Page 98. I know I could have done this with notepad but it would have been more of a chore when making tables and image resizing.
  The images were screen-captured on my friends ATI TV Tuner. Yes I know TV Tuners are made for watching TV, but it wasn't working too well at the time so I used it for the purpose of capturing rare images of Unico so that I have something to work with on my site.
  Mostly from Baby-Unico for making one of the first and only Unico sites on the internet. Great job!