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Rockman X 5

The blue bomber and his beautiful blonde bishi brother are back in the latest rockmanx game. dont expect a totally new concept, its the same fun youve loved since the series began on SNES...with a few extras indeed the opening is a very kickass intro of every character and a really smootho shot of Zeros long hair. ohh::droobles:: bishonen androids... *ahem* ^_^

the game isnt all too difficult in the tedious manner its ore puzzling and complex the levels have some new traps like youve never seen! escape a flaming inferno by hiding behind an iron wall,.,. teleport to reverse rooms, and even escape giant whales!

as in x4 you can choose to play as Zero or X at any time, both having a distict benefit over the other. Rockman will still need to find all of the capsules in roder to reach his true potential as in the others

Originality: 1
Music: 5.0
Story: 2

"Good for all you rockman fans, otherwise, nothing new to see here; move along now..."

Dude! i lost nearly 28 lives on both the speed bike and Fire Wave levels! But at least i enjoyed every last minuite of each and eveery one of my tragic deaths


Mega Girl:
Wai! Anaki always forgets to pack his armour. ^_^ nee-chan will bring next time with power capsules!