Slipknot : Iowa         August.31. 01
Posted by Shin at 8:48 pm
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Holy shit, for those who are asking who or what is Slipknot,  You have got to be a hermit or something. Iowa is the follow up to their hit self titled Cd.

Put this cd in your CD player and turn it up. I've listened to this cd atleast 7 times already within 24 hours. To compare Iowa to their last cd is hard. They've got a bit of a new sound yet still keep the morbid twisted world of Slipknot. Personally I say they're equal. I've found my self attached to Tracks 2 ( People = Shit ), Track 4 ( My Plague ) and Track 5 (Everything ends). "My Plague" is my favorite out of the three. It has the whole scream with the beat and singing going on.

I would love to figure out how they put this kinda thing together. It's such a bad ass sound they have. For any metal fans, this is a must Cd. Get it!