Zone Of Enders OAV           June 21. 01
Posted by Mappy at 7:22pm

szone of enders.

The anime begins as an ace pilot and Violeta are on a practice mission a simple routine and guess whos gotta be the hotshot. well its not quite appreciated as he pulls off all of the kewl tactical manuvers as the earth military guys duke it out with hi afterward, simply for being a hot shot martian. the earth and mars are in a sort of feud in this time period and the earth army doesnt appreciate feeling overpowered by martian-born humans.

Enter Idolo; a super powered mecha...with wings! and who better to test pilot it than our hero. but its no ordinary mecha. using the new orbital sphere project the mecha is enhanced by feelings of overpowering anger. its a lot like the veritech model in macross plus, but only more swifter and agile.

Now the earth army wants to get its grubby hands on it and its professor who made it! at the same time the martians will do anything to keep them away; even destroying Idolo alltogether! but is there a way to tame this mecha for a good purpose? to enhance it by giving it new emotions, ths leading to more powers? the animation is really nice in this. much like eva, the mecha is really clean and swiftly moving, so you get to see more than just a quick kick and punch here and there. its even got a sabre and did i mention wings?! the music is pretty nice in this and the storyline is really good, its too bad its only a 45min OAV, but thats what the games for, no?.