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Anime Initial D August. 12. 01
Soyokaze Fansubs
Posted by Mappyman at 7:02pm

How can i put the series into words? i cant. theres no way to fully express the BEST anime of all time. this series has it all, and then some! j-pop & j-rock theme songs, incredable soundtracks, great characters, humor, cute girls, Very nice looking CG Races, romance, and even a little humor thrown in here and there! Every episode is another exiting adventure into the nighttime world of street racing. no doubt this series marks new stardards in animation.

The story follows Takumi. your normal run of the mill high school boy just trying to get by, has a nice job, coworker friends at the gas station, girls like him, and....his incredable driving skills! but the suprising fact is; he really doesnt even care to race. here he is driving at speeds of over 60mph on a Downhill mind you, and has never even been in a race in his life. His overexited friend Itsuki convinces him to get into the street racing world, and everyone is suprised to see that he can pull over cornering with ease and crazy stunts like Inertia Drift! yes; this is the most hardcore racing anime ever!

All of you racing fans/car enthusiasts out there will recognize the vast amount of kickass vehicles. to mention a few:
1983 Toyota Trueno COROLLA
FD3S 1991 Mazda RX-7
S13 1991 Nissan Silvia
180 Nissan 180SX
MR2 1991 Toyota

As the series goes along Takumi races more and more powerful cars and even more powerful drivers. not just normal racing either! Like in episode 13 Takumi is challenged by Shingo to race with the steering arm...Ducttaped to the wheel!

Romance also plays a nice part in the series. Natsumi, the girl at Takumi's high school has a big crush on him and since hes the extremely shy type, she has to make all the moves. Her attempt to get him to be romantic is really cute. other people in the series also meet girls along the way and at one point they find out one of the girls they just met...are Street Racers! yes; there are even female street racers in this anime; it must be seen by all means!

I go on: my first experience with initial d was brought on by my friend Jei who has always had a thing for cars. i saw (from a 30sec movie file) that the animation used computer graphics to show the racing and the songs....were by AVEX!! i must have! in every attempt i made i could find absolutely nothing on the series. no fansubs, no DVDs, VCDs...absolutely nothing. Fast forward to A-Kon 11. there it was on the program schedule; Initial D 1-13. WOW!! Strag0 had pointed it out to me as they were showing vol 6 so i rushed to watch it and my eyes didnt even blink while watching! every last second of the anime i had been dying to see for nearly a year was finally here; in fansubbed bliss! I couldnt even sit still while watching... shouting out COOL!! and OH My GOD! during some of the races i just had to find out who subbed it, where i could get it, and if any soundtracks existed. the series moved me like no other and seeing this at an anime convention was probably the best way i could ever watch it.

Soundtracks to the series all contain songs in the order of the series. opening and ending credits are all here, some even remixed. So far ive gotten 3 soundtracks and not a single song is worth missing. every single soundtrack is worth listening to.

The series is the top, most highly anticipated, and has the best soundtracks of any Anime ive ever seen. theres not a soul alive who wont enjoy this series. the point; Get This, Watch It, and most importantly...Don't Miss It! ^_^