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Anime éX-Driver August. 11. 01
Posted by Mappyman at 7:02pm

Choose car: Subaru
Choose Destination: Resturant
Food Of Choice: French
-Reservation Complete, enjoy your ride ^_^-

The future of cars and driving skills. or as it is in this anime, the few who actually DO drive. In this future cars all have their own AI, and the only people to protect this city are the éX-Drivers.

Two police girls are the stars of this anime and because of their driving skills they are sent out to protect the city from dangerous drivers, illegal car modifications, and criminals. their car is one of the few gas-powered vehicles left and its under their control.

A great scene in the first episode involves a part where the uncontrollable car actually sends data to the cop car then it short circuits. So what does she do but go on foot, and later a StickBoard to chase down the criminal car! its one the greatest chase scenes!

The series seems to be a combination of YoureUnderArrest and Initial D. very fast-paced and funny. Worth a watch ^_^