Dead Or Alive 2 (Dreamcast)        August. 11. 01
Posted by Brillant Khris at 7:02pm

img_doa2.jpg (14396 bytes) Uhm where to begin. I was broke. I saw this game reviewed on ZDTV (now TechTV) and uhm I proceeded to drool. The game was sweet as hell. But the review only showed one thing that fought me over, Kasumi! **Drools**

Yep so I had to resort to begging my parents (hey this was like over a year ago) to lend me the money to get this game. So I hunted all around the sofla area until I finally snagged the last copy at Best Buy. I knoy the PS2 version is better but I dont have PS2 nad my friend who has it thinks he's cool enough with the Dreamcast version.I mean at first I fell head over heels in love with the women and the costumes and the levels. But then the fighting engine I got the hang of and eventually mastered so did my friend and his little brother. I mean the levels are mind blowing, some are like levels in the levels. Like in this one called the Demon's Church (my fav! ^_^). If you hit someone into the huge window they fly out and you are like in like another part. It so owns.

The fighting engine takes a few months to master. Its really good tho. First there is a blow like a punch or  a kick some are like power blows where you can like hit the person across the whole screen. But to counter a blow you do a hold which is like you counter the punch or something. Its done by just pressing back and free/block. That easy. To counter a hold you do a throw
which is also very simple to do. And blows counter throws. Dont you see? The fighting engine is like rock paper scissors.




Now the characters are all pretty cool too.

Kasumi- She's very hot. Has 4 costumes. Her fighting style is very hard to explain, very quick and its awesome to kick ass as her. Her first costume is sorta like Chun-li's main costume from the Street Fighter games. But she's wearing a thong under it and nice white leggings, her 2nd costume is basically the first but white, Her third costume is a tight pink ninja outfit which is actually a clone made of her (with this green jelly covering her naked body as seen in the intro) called Kasumi alpha, Then her 4th costume which is of course everyone's favorite. A navy blue school girl outfit. She has aesome kicks and if you know how to use her. You rule. I have yet to still master her.

Hayabusa- Ninja Gaiden fans unite! This guy isnt Hayabusa... He's RYU Hayabusa. Yep. The guy who laid the smack down on arguably one of the greatest NES games ever. Its funny tho cuz under his occupation in his profile it says like "curio shop" which I think is like a supermarket in hong kong. So he went from a ninja saving the world from some demon then down the ladder into a bagger. Poor guy. Anyways his blows are straight up high flying, his countering are like suplexes and high throws and badass  ninja stuff. I like this one throw he throws you up in the air then you  gotta put in another move and catch them. Then put in another so you go high and spin around hitting a TIGHT german suplex. His first costume is like a black like suit hard to explain same thing for his 2nd only in white, his
3rd is his Ninja Gaiden NES outfit. Shibby!

Helena- Ok. She may be good to contorl if you know how to use her style. But I hate her she sucks. She has like this position she gets into sometimes which is like crouching, a huge pain in the ass for me. Bleh. Her first costume is like this like red blouse with tight white pants. Her second is like a long white dress with tight white leggings. At least she looks hot.

Gen Fu- Just like Virtua Fighter 2. DONT UNDERESTIMATE THE OLD GUY. Besides, Shun Di is my fav guy in VF2. Gen Fu has lots of powerblows and he rules. I like his style and stuff. Its called Go Ken(Iron Fist). Okay throws some are powerblows. His normal blows are a bit tricky to counter. His first costume is like a grey gi. Same thing for 2nd but its in blue and he has a bigass hat that owns.

Tina- one of my favs. She's like this pro wrestling ho. She changed her look from the original DOA. Her breasts are the same size just less bouncier >_<. But her throws are huge and nice. Like she has some throw combo's like a michonoku driver into a electric chair drop into a 450 splash like thingy. Or theres one where she hits you with a liger bomb than a figure four leg lock. There are some good counters one I love thats a figure four leg lock that does HEAVY damage. I personally love her fisherman brainbuster. He first costume is like a black leather bikini with a silver jacket. Her second is like a long black jacket with like a tight orange shirt under it thats really tight and tight blue jeans.

Bass- Another guy I like. Sorta like Tina but he's bigger, stronger, slower and isnt hot or bouncy. He has good throws and strong blows. Good countering too. Sorta like a showoff too. He's Tina's daddy. As in FATHER! sheesh. His first costume is like a cowboy suit, his second is like a badass motorcycle costume.

Zack- I love this guy. He so rules! He's self taught in Thai Boxing. He's like uhm really cocky and does lots of cool shiz. I love his version of the X-factor. You will too. He has the best victory poses especially this one where he goes down on his knee and just says "AT THIS MOMENT!!! A LEGEND WAS BORN!". His first costume is like a a tank top thats like cut up and sorta looks like a bra. And white pants with a flame design on them. His 2nd is he wears tight black pants and a green vest and a huge green mohawk. His 3rd is like a reflecting alien costume it looks REALLY cool and kinda changes color with the background of the level. If you press right,left,right then the R
trigger he does this taunt and a huge purple light appears above his head. Oh did I mention he has a HUGE crush on Tina. I mean I cant blame him. I bet Hayabusa wants some of Kasumi. Well so do I but uhm. nevermind on to the next guy.

Jann Lee- this guy is like Liu Kang/Bruce Lee in one. I like to call him the last boyscout cuz that movie really sucked and Im gonna send in a review of that move made in 1991 with Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans. The guy has lots of powerblows. And fun throws. WOOOTAH! I love that. His first costume is like an unbuttoned black silk shirt with a gold dragon and baggy black pants, same thing with 2nd except his shirt is white. His 3rd costume is an unbuttoned red silk shirt with like pants with cow patterns and a black headband.

Leon- This is guy is pure neck breaking and power blows. He's pretty fun. I love doing his STF. He has some specail bond with Zack. They dont say either. I just like to be cheap with him. Necksnapping is very fun. His first costume is a brown turban. His 2nd is a white turban.

Lei Fang- She is arguably one of the hottest girls too. Her counters suck tho for me. Her throws are ok. She's basically liek Gen Fu only
hotter,bouncier ^_^ and weaker. Yet faster. Her first costume is a red dress, 2nd is a white dress, 3rd is like this outfit where is all green and
she's wearing tight green pants and looks really hot. 4th is like her original DOA costume.

Ein- His real name is Hayate. He's been like brainwashed or something. Same thing about Jan Lee. Just hit counters are totally badass. And uhm lots of powerblows and high flying stuff. First costume is like this black outfit, 2nd is like a tight white shirt and long blue jeans.

Ayane-ahhh my sweet love. I LOVE THIS GIRL. She has like light purple/pinkish hair. She's very hot. Good moves. Very fast I like her
backstance. It soo confusing my extremely fat friend. Her spinning roundhouse kick is a guaranteed nightmare. Bwa haha. Her first costume is like a tight purple blouse and a short purple skirt and long tight purple leggings. Her 2nd are these tight black pants and a purple shirt which her breasts really hang out. Her third is like a flannel schoolgirl outfit.

Anyways. My DOA2 broke last June CD scratches from my cousins, then my friends soon broke. So I bought this game twice. Pretty sad eh? Well my Dreamcast broke so I can only play this at my friends when I bring over the working DOA2. Well stop listening to me. BUY IT NOW! Well the PS2 version should be better tho. DOA2 hardcore.

RATING: Uhm kicks. The game is screaming at you "WHO'S YOUR DADDY!?!?!" so uhm yeah close this window and go play DOA2. NEEEEOWWW!!!!