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The Big O

another giant robot series, yes! same old routine, big robots, insideous villains with the objective of taking over the world, YES! Its played out once again in the latest giant robot series Big O. nothing new, nothing really amazing, but hell; its cool!

the animation is TOTALLY simular to that of Batman for some reason, even the main character Roger Smith (actual name!) looks a lot like Batman. the guy is a negotiaor, and a very wealthy one of that. in this world everyone sems to have forgotten everything 40 years afo and is trying to stabalize what memories they can. but each memory is a nightmare and what happened in their past may come back to haunt them. Roger's first mission begins when he ends up paying the ransom for an old mans daughter, but it turns out its not his daughter, shes not even human actually! shes Dorthy, an andriod supposively created in light of the old mans grandaughter who used to sing at a nightengale club. shes the sarcastic comotose android (dontcha jes hate that?!) who for some reason wants Roger to protect her with his life.
The series twists even more when Roger meets up with another mysterious woman Casseey who seems to be more of a secret agent than the "power plant conductor" she introduces herself as.

The theme songs are...eh. Opening is the same giant robo-ish theme as in any other anime, and the ending song is some English sung blues song. Weird.

The series is a collaboration of: Giant Robo, James Bond, and once again Batman. the art style isnt Bad...its just very simular to Batman, as far as square faces, shadowing, and the overall fashion sense of characters (classy! ^_^)

A solid big robot series but nothing worth diving into. It gets better as it goes along though, better and weirder...

Originality: 2
Music: 5.0
Animation: 4.5

"Good for all you big robot fans, otherwise, nothing new to see here; move along now..."

Cast in the name of God, Ye not guilty!
Bio O, Showtime! Action!


Punk Boi:
Dude, that Eletric Snake serpent thing was way outta wack! Shit if I had some eletric thing like that I'd use it to pump up mah amps Boyee! Aww jeah, now we're kickin!

Huhuh.... he said "Big O" huh huh...