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Team Fuji- Feb 09  2003
Posted by Shin

Shin here. It's been a while since I've updated. Probibly just lack of motivation or anything. Well anyway, to the update. Locky just got his car painted. So a portion of the local Fuji crew got together the other night with our rides and got some quick pictures taken together before we were kicked out. Here goes.

fujiteam/01.jpg : The fron of Locky's newly painted Nissan
fujiteam/02.jpg: Sushi Boy fixing the speakers in the Integra
fujiteam/03.jpg: Shin's 2002 Honda Civic
fujiteam/04.jpg: Side view of Locky's Nissan Sentra
fujiteam/06.jpg: Team Fujikoma represet!!!
fujiteam/06.jpg Faraway shot
fujiteam/07.jpg:A Lesson kids, don't walk infront of moving cars
fujiteam/08.jpg:Sushi locks up before the car is stolen
fujiteam/09.jpg: Redsuns Nissan Sentra
fujiteam/10.jpg: Back view of Locky's Nissan
fujiteam/11.jpg: A closer view of Locky's Nissan

Locky: Nissan Sentra
Sushi Boy: 1992 Acura Integra LS
Shin: 2002 Honda Civic EX

Go illegal street racing team Fujikoma!