The DDR City Tour 2k1 - November.2. 01
Traveling the city and owning it

Posted by Shin
It seems like DDR is all over Jacksonville now. With all good things come a bad thing. Last week I got word from Fujikoma's Battle Royale and Car Expert, Jei , that Adventure Landing on the beaches got DDR5th mix. I just about pissed in my pants because it was another DDR machine other then 3rd mix in the Jacksonville area. Unfortunately all last week I worked late nights from 5PM til 2 Am so I didn't get to go play til last saturday.

Saturday morning (or afternoon? I forget) Bran and I made our way to Adventure Landing on Beach Blvd. But made a stop along the way. A week before that I got word that Tilt at the Regency Square mall had gotten a DDR 3rd. So for fun, We stopped by and showed the place up. In there we ran into Redneck Ryoga. For those who don't know him, Ph33r! He'll Run you over like he ran over Pikachu ( Check out Fujikon's image galleries from AWA6 for images of the result). Normally I carry around my camera and take a shit load of pictures. So I did until the evil tendant told me quit taking pictures. They don't like it when pictures are taken of their machines. SO I got a picture of their machine any way! 

DDR 3rd at Regency Square Mall
Redneck Ryoga, Bran-Chan and ME! Ph33r our Elite selves! Strangely the kids at Regency Square mall were more advanced then the kids at the Orange park mall. The girl was able to keep up in Butterfly (Trick). We attracted crowds though! Unfortunately it's the same thing at the end, Dynamite Rave. Don't get me wrong, Naoki owns but Dynamite Rave sucks. Yes you heard me! It's over played and not all that great compared to Naoki's other stuff (B4U!). Eventually after two dollars spent there, we departed. But not without stopping by Babbages to make fun of the Xbox.
After we got our travel on from the mall, we made a couple of more stops (Family, gas, stuff) we Finally arrived. 5th mix was there..Waiting for me to play. I quickly got a pocket pull of quarters and pumped that thing full of all the quarters I had that day. They had a lot of good tracks along with Extra mix, 4th and 3rd mix. I stuck to a lot of the Extra, 4th and 5th mixs songs. Extacy is a lot of fun. Freaked me out for a moment when the thing just stopped for that small period of time.

What didn't attract me to it though are the extended versions of some of our favorite DDR songs. Great idea but I didn't have as much fun with it. Maybe if the tracks were more fast and not so dragged out , it could be more enjoyable.

[ November 4th 2001 9:20 PM ]

Updated news. Adventure Landing on Blanding Blvd. has 4th mix as well as 3rd mix. Also DDR 3rd (again =P) at AMC 24 in the Orange Park Mall. It wasn't on so I'm assuming there was something wrong going on with it. This makes a grand Total of Six ddr machines in the Jacksonville area. 4 Third mix, 1 Fourth mix, and 1 Fifth mix.

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