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#1 MomoCon
+FREE Convention
+Bemani Game Room (HDLoad PS2s new games, bemani controllers)
+Second Game Room (old skool + fighting)
+Rec Area (pool tables, 2 DDR Machines, Arcades)
+DJ Inubito Dance
+Web Comic Panel
+Staff Pizza and Rice
+Small Yet Accomidating Dealers Room
+Maid VIP Dinner
+Organized helpful staff

-1 Day Convention
-College Campus confusing at first

A new convention with fresh new ideas and very good team behind it.

A bit small, but they made use of all facilities they could.

Cookiethievery's "Project.D." music video compilation. GURO GURO Everywhere!

#2 Anime Festival Orlando 6
+Had a full room for our "lol internet" panel
+Nice variety in game room
+PumpItUp at McDonalds across the street
+Nickelodeon "Lazy Town" concert same weekend

-Program Book doesn't explain panels
-Cramped Dealers Room

Fujikoma Dinner with everyone, Lazy Town Live, Staff Badge, LOL Internet Panel

LnZ & Locky's hotel experience

1. Trying to fit an extra hours worth of footage to use on the "lol internet" panel using Mandy's computer, no mouse, and slow as molasses hotel connection.
2. Anime Suki's 80 Dance's Fog Machine setting off the Fire alarm AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF MY PANEL causing full evacuation and resetup of all of our gear

+4chan crew: Moot, SQ, Ko, MrVacBob
+Squeekychan partying with us
+Peelander-Z concert
+Select Start playing in the dealers room
+Rooftop access
+Nice consuite
+Plenty of new talent in Artist Alley
+Early released Advent Children played twice

-Game Room always closed for tournaments and/or cleanup
-"Invite Only" Parties

4chan crew, their parties, and desire to actually have fun at cons. Dollar store (peacebonded) weapons, yelling foreign slang from the high floors, and party hopping.

4chan "Panel" turned out to be a flock of Anonymouses shouting catch phrases

Old Furries and their kids trying to find late night parties to yiff

#4 Dragon*Con 2005
+Pre Dragon*Con get togethers
+Staff not quite as badge-picky
+Way cool drum circle

-Crappy 80s cover band Mighty McFly Rocks just didn't cut it

BoozePack's party and friendliness of everyone who showed up
*Bonus* not getting sick the next morning!

Badge Prices, especially the Lifetime ones

"Everyone just looks like Shit in the morning!" ~Nikki

#5 Kunicon
+Two game rooms Music Sim & Fighter FPSs
+Nicely presented Opening Ceremonies
+Gorgeous hotel room view of Atlanta downtown
+Green Room shennanigans
+Funny webcomic panel

-Location & Parking
-Confusing 3 floor layout

Green Room party and meeting con guests

Bathrooms required Room Keys!

Tiffany Grant playing Win, Lose, Draw

#6 MTAC5 Go
+Walking distance from fast food huts
+Con Suite loaded
+Greg Ayers Dance until 3am
+Karaoke Revolution Tournament
+Hotel staff unlocked gaming hookup channel

-No Liquor store for miles
-Dealer's Room line
-Technical setup problems & unknowledgable staff
-No music sim games in game room
-Dissappointing Green Room party
-Rude/Bitchy staff
-Emo goths, S&M Bondage Slaves, Yaoi

The dance was really good and loud and went all night

Nothing to do, all day long!

The hired streetwalker skanks for the dance