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Threads Of Fate- Apr. 11. 01
Posted by Mappy
at 6:50 P.M.

Known as DewPrism in Japan, Threads Of Fate is a nice twist for squaresoft. The game is simular to Brave Fencer Musashinden in the aspect that you go from the main town to several surrounding areas performing little missions and tasks to save the world from a darker evil.

The game is very cute! You can choose to play as one of two characters. Mint, a fiesty little girl who wants to take revenge on her sister and well... Take Over The World! Then theres Rue, a shape-shifting doll who wants to find a way to bring back his beloved Claire. In the game the two characters paths cross at certain times so its interesting if you play both paths. In my personal opinion, I enjoyed Mints path Much more than Rue's as it has a comedic tone to it and theres more interaction, wheres Rue's is more standard storyline with a few plot twists.

The game definately has replay value. Play the game once, then play through it again in another character's path! Once you beat both paths the game allows you to play through again, this time with your fully powered & armoured character. And it allows you to play both paths on one single saved game! Very cool!

Bad points? Eh well the game has No cinemas, its all straight graphics just like Musashinden. The characters are adorably cute but that might be bad for some people. There aren't enough mini-games in here either. I suppose there will be a sequel judged on the "extra" ending you get after you beat both paths, so I hope they add more to the game. The game, even though has a nice addition of playing through the game with multiple paths, was still short. I beat it in a weekend so the big replay value would be to play through the game with the powered up characters and try to get through it in a record time.

In all, the game was a fun trip. Short trip, but fun nonetheless. Mints path reminded me of Lina Inverse of Slayers because her humor style and desire to Conquer The World is hillarious. She also has a funny fear of...Pumpkins! Rue's path was direct and although you get the ability to shapeshift into multiple enemies, it left out a lot of the extra bonuses that you could do in Mints path. The game is definately aimed at a younger audience, but fun enough that anyone could play it. A blast to play through the first time!



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