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About Fujikoma, History and Fact

A small group of friends located in Jacksonville, Florida relate by hobby in Television production. The hobby being Anime, Video games and Manga. Originally known as being a television production crew. Filming and getting class assignments done. PSA, ENG, and more crap. Along that time doing what any other otaku groups did; trade Anime, Games, and Manga with each other.

Around early 1998, a website was made using geocities. It had a really long address, but a few random vistors noticed it. Over time, many revisions of the page went into effect. With various content (personal & gaming lives, news, & pictures) on that page, the group became more known within the otaku community. There is still more growing to do. To be a virus , to... infect.

Shorty, Bee and Mappy went to AWA4, That's where the interest for conventioning came from. Because of lack of funds and transportation, only 3 members were able to attend. Stories of the trip were great.

The growth of the Fujikoma web presence. This was when the group decided that everyone would all attend the cons from then on, seeing what true fandom was all about. Fujikoma @ AWA5 page was the big step. Making an all around great page for convention pictures, reviews, bonuses and interaction with the Fujikoma group using the guestbook.

Early that year, talks were made about making another page. Just for Anime convention reports, pictures and everything else. A site separate from the Fujikoma page. Originally making individual pages for each convention attended, they were then combined all into one that became known as Fujikon, Fujikoma convention reports aka Journeys Tf The Otaku. The anime con scene was off at full-force now. con after con, a new report and dozens of pictures would be posted within weeks after the con for everyone to see.

Fujikoma.com gets up and running. Fujinet is set up and several pages are done. A simple look from the old geocities page takes a giant turnaround to an easy to navigate tables version. unfortunately some viewers couldn't see it so the webmasters opted to make a frameless one that everyone could view.
Fujikon 3.0 is up and running smoothly. Convention coverage branches out even further. From as far north to Ohio to all the way on the West Coast in California. To help better interaction, a message board & oekaki were set up. Another layout version 4 page was set up also which gave the page a fresh clean look.

A new layout to begin the new year.

What we are
We aren't exactly a club, We aren't a gang, we aren't even space pirates. We're a clique of sort. A group of friends who enjoy doing things such as videogames, anime, cosplay, dance, and communicating via the internet. Here we are, and we're going global. Otaku Of The World, Unite!