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September 30th, 2014

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When I heard Christa had been stationed in Texas by the Navy and asked for her car to be driven down, I volunteered to make the journey. Over a few weeks, I had made a travel itinerary so amazing, she decided to fly up to Portland and join me along the ride. This is the story of our 1½ week voyage.


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December 31st, 2013

A year-end wrap up continuing from 2012

Attended World Naked Bike Ride wearing only shoes and rabbit ears
Hiked Rock Of Ages, Angel’s Rest, Ape Canyon, Dog Mountain, Beacon Rock,  Ramona Falls, and Panther Creek Falls
Promoted to Senior Customer Support Analyst at work
The Body Beautiful art exhibit
Samurai Exhibit
Attended an official Pokémon tournament
Rode a Mechanical bull
Visited the Experience Music Project, Seattle
Visited King’s Estate winery
Went on multiple floats down Clackmas & Sandy River
Dave Chappelle
Jeanae Garofolo
Met JTRO of the Dance Dance Revolution movie “The FP”
Met Fred Armisen while walking to a Guitar Center downtown
Took ecstatic, contact, and tango dance classes
Learned both fire hoop and fire staff
Ran door security at two Warehouse parties (Rock, Paper, Scissor / Grilled Zucchini)
Beatrox Mansion party
Multiple Silent Discos
Freak Bike Fall VI
Lincoln City ‘Game Over’ arcade soft opening
Salem ‘Coin Jam’ arcade
Oregon City ‘Strykers’ arcade
Went dirtbiking at Browns Camp
Tour de Franzia
Went to Gay Cowboy themed Hashing
Google City Experts ENZO Winery
Teafest northwest
Brewers for Boobs
Watched season 3 Arrested Development in a single sitting
Dead celebrity party as zombie jersey shore
Costume Dance Party at Hollywood Vintage

Shows and Festivals
Ronski Speed
Sir Mix-a-Lot
tyDi (Saw twice! Feb 22 & Nov 28th)
Ellie Goulding
Emma Hewitt
Beats Antique
Seven Lions
MC Chris
Adventure Club
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Ben Folds Five
Purity Ring
Tantrum Desire
Washed Out
Michal Menert
Gareth Emery
Tommie sunshine
The Generationals
Sue Cho
Dennis Sheperd
Fringe Class
Slutty Hearts
Unicorn Domination
Lulacruza at Muse Mansion
Transient Brutality
Ghost motor
Lucky 2013- Pretty Lights, Nadia Ali, BT, The M Machine, Arty, Showtek, Kyau & Albert, Delta Heavy
Kaleidoscope- Minus The Bear, Capital Cities, Minnesota, Afroman, Bassnectar, Aesop Rock, DJ Shadow, NAS, Souls of Mischief, Butch Clancy

TV Shows-
Real World Portland, Continuum, Orphan Black, American Horror Story: Coven, Elementary, King of the Nerds, Awkward

The Legend Of Zelda: Symphony of The Goddesses
Dr Mario Tournament
Retro Game Expo
Pokémon X & Y Midnight Release party
Games beat: Ni no Kuni, Double Dragon Neon, Retro City Rampage, Touch My Katamari, Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls

Cushman Lake, Sandy River, Olympia National Rainforest, Jacksonville, Eugene, Las Vegas, Tillamook, Browns Camp, King Estate Eugene, “Twin Peaks” Washington



December 31st, 2012

A year-end wrap up continuing from 2011

Experienced a week-long 56,000 person event at BurningMan (Aug 27)
Experienced a 90,000 person party at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas
Weekend trip to Sasquatch! Music Festival
The Room live showing- Got to meet Tommy Wisseu and Mark while dressed as Chris R and reenact a scene onstage
Won a Google Chromebook
Won VIP & front row seats to Cirque du Soliel “oVo”
Portland Color Run
Google Events; Chocolate at Sidebar / Chiropractor / Sizzle Pie / Taco Tuesday / Margarita Mayhem / Wine Tour / Scavenger Hunt / Pasta Cooking / Tram Tour /
Starred as an extra in music video “Partied Out” by Con Bro Chill
Starred as an extra in music video “Neskowin” by Corinne Tucker Band
Starred as an extra in short movie “and lily
Ready Player One book signing with Ernest Cline (Dec 17)
Retro Game Expo
Rose City Comic-Con
Gear Con
Bacon Fest
Oregon Brew Fest july 26
Portland Prom may 12
Portlandia The Tour & Season 2 Premiere (Jan 5)
Portlandia: A Guide For Visitors book tour
Hump! Adult Video festival
PDX Strippies Award Show (Dec 5 Bossanova)
Back To The Future Ball release party
Portland Music Awards (Jan 22)
Sassy Cassie (Feb 16)
Witnessed World Naked Bike Ride june 16th
Triforce Tribute- a Legend Of Zelda-themed art gallery
Cowboys and pirates Party (Berlin)
Hosted a Canadian Couchsurfer for Thanksgiving
OMSI After Dark
Dracula A Musical Nightmare
Belmont Bodega- a convience store dance party
Attended a free Yoga class
Got a free acupuncture

Lucky- Hardwell, Porter Robinson, ATB, Calvin Harris, Crizzly, Flux Pavillion, Adventure Club
Electric Daisy Carnival-  Bassnectar, Rusko, Calvin Harris, Sander van Dorn, Rank 1
Sasquatch- may 25-28 Beck, Jack White, Wolfgang Gartner, Tenacious D, Metric, Bon Iver
Moonlight Masquerade- Porter & Zedd, Morgan Page, Adventure Club, Krewella
Resolution- W&W, Cosmic Gate, Cazzette, Rusko
Emulator @ Goodfoot
Ronski Speed @ Whiskey Bar
Boy Eats Drum Machine @ Burnside Brewery
Wampire @ Bing Lounge
Cold War Kids @ Doug Fir
Delayne & Paris @ Tiger Bar /Jade Lounge feb 24, mar 23, mar 30, apr 28 Prom, may 19 Nerds, oct 5th
Govinda @ Mt Tabor
Rusko @ Roseland
Bassnectar @ Roseland may 11
Pink Floyd Roger Waters Tour may 22
Porter Robinson @ Roseland
Lindsey Pavao @ Secret Society july 18
Pretty Lights @ Cuthbert Ampitheatre
Emancipator @ Cuthbert Ampitheatre
Cressida @ Whiskey Bar
Grimes @ Holocene
Polish Ambassador @ Branx
Lindsey Stirling @ Hawthorne Theatre
Superhumanoids @ Doug Fir
Guttstar @whiskeybar

Astoria, OR
Newport, OR
Black Rock City, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Seattle, WA
Gorge Amphitheater, WA

Games Beat; Ever17 -The Out Of Infinity-, Virtue’s Last Reward, Jet Set Radio & JSR Vita, PixelJunk Sidescroller, Dyad, Sonic Episode II, Child Of Eden, Killzone 3, Gravity Rush
Started attending monthly Pokemon Meetings

Favorite Movies
Looper, Prometheus

“Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline

Best Show
Workaholics, Continuum

Youth – Adventure Club feat. Foxes

Favorite Music Video
Partied Out – Con Bro Chill

Burning Man

November 1st, 2012

A week long adventure in Black Rock City

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Oregon Trail

June 25th, 2012

A 3,000 mile journey across the country.
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January 1st, 2012

A year-end wrap up continuing from 2010

Drove an amazing 3,000 miles across the United States and moved from Atlanta, GA to Portland, OR
Installed a hot tub
Distant Worlds Final Fantasy Symphonic Orchestra
Went to see a midnight showing Salvador Dali exhibit
Jogged 10 miles and climbed the largest stone in the world
Anime After Dark
Rollerskating at Sparkles
Camping with Unitus
Bubblicious foam party
Hosted a huge Dragon*Con party
Won tickets from BePortland to see Grimes & Austra
Was filmed in webseries Magdelene Valley
Was filmed for Season 3 for Food Network’s “Eat Street”
Was filmed in a concert ad for Mackie soundsystems
Attended the premiere of tv series “Grimm” with full cast and directors
Got to see the premiere of Portlandia Season 2 Tour
Attended my favorite author Chuck Palahniuk’s book release tour for “Damned”
Went as Shaun on Portland Zombie Walk
Visited the Space Needle
Visited Newport Aquarium
Met my favorite food blogger dieselboi of FoodCartsPortland
Joined in a 1,000 person Decentralized Dance Party

Peelander Z (twice), Anamanaguchi (twice), Delaney & Paris, Grimes, Austra (Holocene), Chipocrite (Nov 20Ground Kontrol), Distant Worlds, Del The Funky Homosapien, Ferry Corsten, Miami Horror (16 June), Misfortune500(3 Aug), Dntal & One Am Radio (21Aug, Earl), Identity (Aug23 Lakewood Amp), Pogo, Radiation City (Aug 31, Drunken Unicorn), Freezepop (Sept 3), Pogo (Sept 21, Masq), Vanimal (Dec 22), Grimes/Austra (Holocene), Tritonal/Nero + Austra/ Hypercrush (Dec 31 WaMu Theatre)

Portland, OR
Gruetli-Laager, TN
St Louis, MS
Kansas City, MO
Colorado Springs, CO
Denver, CO
Salt Lake City, UT
Seattle, WA
Newport, OR

Games Beat: 999, Mass Effect 2, Nier, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Ghost Trick, Pokémon White, Shadows Of the Damned, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, Catherine, Hard Corps: Uprising, Uncharted, Uncharted 3
Brought a broken PS3 back to life from YLOD by fully dissembling/reassembling it

Favorite Movies

“Enders Game” Orson Scott Card

Best Show

“Feel It All Around” Washed Out

Favorite Music Video
“Lovesick” Emily Osment
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Goodbye, Atlanta

September 21st, 2011

In 2004, I made the journey from my hometown in Jacksonville, FL to Atlanta, GA. It was a great decision and the last few years I have made a plethora of friends and gone to some amazing shows. Forever I love Atlanta, but now it’s time to go. Since my arrival I have met so many wonderful friends from all walks of life; Polish, Serbian, Korean, Mexican, Peruvian, Lebanese, Nepali, Persian, Swedish, Dominican and so many others. They’ve given me so many stories to tell and taken me on a lifetime of experiences and adventures.
I’ve seen some amazing concerts and shows.
I’ve met celebrities.
I’ve rocked VIP at clubs.
I’ve raised a shih tzu.
I’ve attended a ridiculous amount of conventions.

Now it’s time for another large move. Next week I will be driving almost 3,000 miles from Atlanta, GA to Portland, OR.
I couldn’t be more excited for this trip. I actually requested this move after a life changing week-long visit to the place. As soon as I got back I put in for a request from my job at Sage Software. Sage has an office in Portland and while it took nearly 6 months for something suitable to come, it finally did! Not only does my pay go up, but the job is also paying for the relocation.

Ana, Asia, Craig, Sherri, Laura Leigh, Chloe, Logan, Me, Josh, Kate, Joey
I made the announcement at my 31st birthday dinner at Bone Garden Cantina. I had been told the news as a special birthday present at 6:30 after work was over from HR who wasn’t officially supposed to tell me until the following day. I first told my previous coworker who was thrilled but told everyone else after a small birthday song. I was met with both congratulatory and concern. It wasn’t just a small move to another city or state, but across the country. They’re all happy for me because they know this is something I’ve been working so hard to achieve.

My drive was inevitable. I love my 2009 Volkswagen Rabbit and bought it at only 10 miles from the dealer. It has now reached an amazing 60,000 miles and still churns away, good as new. I made full inspection and cleaned her up. I also had to decide who would be going with me to this. I could take a friend from Atlanta with me and fly em back, or a friend from Portland and fly them here.  I had a few offers but none solid enough. Luckily one of the greatest people in my life volunteered for this.

My mom.

She is now retired from over 30 years of teaching school and has all of the free time she could ever need. Lately she’s traveled to Grand Canyon, Maine, Orlando and a few other places, as well as going on Cruise adventures to several islands with my sister. She’s defeintely the person I inherited my travel bug from. So this weekend I will be picking her up from Florida and then heading off.

I’ve accumulated SO much in my 31 years! I’m still downsizing all kinds of photos, VHS tapes, high school drawings, and all sorts of other things. The only things coming with me are my two TVs, PS3, clothes, Ikea shelf (my only truely owned furniture), and bedset. I’m a keeper, a saver. I look at something as sentimental value and think one day it’ll either be worth something or maybe I’ll buy a scanner and scan it or something else to the point it just won’t go into the garbage. Luckily the family offered to store a few boxes for me.

So wish me luck, this will be the move to end it all. East coast goes West coast and while I’m going to visit, I’m living out here for a good while. Thanks to everyone for the great times.