news_icojune29.jpg (5919 bytes) June 29th, 2001
Army of hardcore
Posted by Shin
at 8:59 AM

                    Not sure what I can say due to the lack of updates. But here's Today's update. You love them. I love them and who doesn't? I grew up playing video games. I remember when I was a kid, Christmas of 88' or 89 in Puerto Rico...I remember waking up and like any other kid on Christmas, waking every body up for the gifts. My Mother and Father handed me the boxes that contained the Nintendo games, The Nintendo Zapper, and a few other accessories. Then It it all came to and end as soon as they gave me a large box. I rushed opening it to find my own Nintendo. I pluged that thing up and played for hours. Then again, Hours and hours. Since then, nothing could stop my addiction to these boxes that provided hours of entertainment. The next significant advancement for me was playing the Original Street Fighter II at the mall. Remember the old Super NES game test stands at Sears ( along with other retail stores) ? My friend had gotten and every one in the neighborhood was over playing Street Fighter II. E.Honda and Ryu seemed to be Posideon Court's Favorite. Later on I had a Sega Genesis (Along with all the parts later on. Sega CD was awesome but the 32X was..kinda lame..).
Durring the summers of 1994 til 1996, I woke up every morning and left outside with a Lawn mower in one hand and tools in the other. Went around mowing people's lawns until I earned enough for the lastest Street Fighter or the newest Sonic the Hedgehog game. From there on, I brought console after console. SNES, Playstation, Saturn, Dreamcast, PS2. And upto this day, I cannot stop. I will not stop. My parents are fustrated when they go into my room, Tripping all over the wires and chords around my room.Within the recent years, I have been more involved with video games then I was before. Cosplay, Soundtracks, Imported goods  making a game page when I can. Not only that, I've made great friends and kept out of a lot of trouble because of video games. Sure it's buirned a hole in my pocket but I have something to show for it. Now what I want to hear are your stories. Send them to Me  and I will soon after gather all the stories and post them. Until then, take care. Ciao!


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