news_ddrjaxico.jpg (9497 bytes) June 8th, 2001
Dance Dance Jacksonville?!
Posted by Shin
at 5:17 PM

It's about damn time Jacksonville has something cool to do. No longer will Bran-Chan and myself travel to Orlando at any given moment (well..we still will go to Orlando but not as much as before) to feed our hunger. It is now a simple drive to the other side of our lame city. The drive isn't that bad since I go that way all the time ( I have family there ^_^). It's great now to just go from work to play some DDR. I had got word from an e-mail yesterday morning from a fellow DDR player here in Jacksonville. "0.o Dear lord, I'm not the only one in this city!" So I replied and left for work. After minutes and hours of excitement I recived a call from Bran-Chan and talked about it. We decided then that we must go and play it like there is no tomarrow. After work, we left for Adventure Landing ( off of Beach Blvd. for those who live in Jacksonville ). First we stopped of my Uncle's house to borrow the digital camera ( Mad thanks to him for letting me use it). I invited my cousin to come along so he came with us. news_ddrjax01.jpg (29963 bytes)
         We finally arrived and went in to confirm that Dance Dance Revolution was in Jacksonville. After I looked in awe (at the fact that Jacksonville now has something cool), I poped in my coins as a small group looked on wondering - What's the white boy doing? ( For a fact- I am not white! I'm Puerto Rican! 100%! I'm just one of the rare pale looking ones =P). I filed through the song selection and decided on Afronova (Basic for now). As three people turned into a crowd, I played as they watched in amazement. "How can he do that?!" as I heard the girl say in wonder. I played more and more along with Bran-chan, My cousin Edwin and soon Loki arrived to play. Then I watched as some of the locals play. This one guy was pretty good at it. Then there was this other guy who tried to show off. A DDR rule that I live by, Learn to play the game before you start doing tricks (In my opinion that is).

         After some times, I decided to call it quits for the evening and go home. It's about damn time that we got that game here in Jacksonville! Woo! 


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