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This isn't right!
Posted by Shin
at 5:17 PM

Yo! It's been a while since I've updated ^_^; I've been busy with some other things but here's my update!

Recently I found out about a Place down in Orlando called Rocky's Replay, Which has the Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Korean. I checked the place out. I have to say that Rocky's Replay is a really really great place! Things aren't over priced and the DDR 3rd Mix is conveniently located by the bar (Which has water ^_^;; I don't really do alcohol, I can't drive while intoxicated if I ever want to be the best). I had ran into Gene there. Dispite what he says, He's awesome. X.x He was doing freakn' Trick mode to Dam Darium backwards! I got a good two and a half hour's worth of DDR3rd mix. Twenty dollars well spent ^_^. Left the place as If I just came outta a pool X.x. I have yet to get any pictures developed due to the lack of funds. ^_^ Hehe spent my cash on my new ps2.

I'm so happy with it. I've just gotta get games to feed it. I only got Tekken Tag Tournament ( Yeah Yeah X.x I know what some of you are saying. I love the game!). Also rented The Bouncer. It's not as bad as what reviews make it out to be. I just beat the game and I can say that it's a great game! My only gripe is that it was too short of a game (w/o beating the game with Kou and Volt). The Bouncer plays a lot like Tobal 2 and Ehrgiez ( Same developers - Dream Factory) except for the pressure sensative buttons. More on The Bouncer when I get my review up for it.

Oh, I am a bit pissed about this! I hope any of you who read this far doesn't think bad of me. For any one who isn''t part of the local J-ville Fuji team, There's this evil who lurks in our school. For now we'll call her "Dizzi." Here's the latest encounter. A month ago our television production teacher had given us seniors/upperclassmen an assignment that was to be done as one huge team. So they (as in the majority of the class) decide to do the Cat in the hat. I pretty much went independant and separated with Cricket and Miyazawa (they helped me with the project I'm about to get to explaining now). I began to work on a video collage of Fujikoma. It's been a month already and I just today got it done.  It's a nifty video about a 20 minutes long. I goto the teacher asking if he wants the project any earlier then the due date. He says fine at first. Then "Dizzi" tells him that It's not the project. My responce to myself right now is, Where is the class project? I saw some of the filming. It was horrible I'm sorry to say. No Effort or talent was put into it. Not to mention it was done in maybe 3 days (as far as I know, It hasn't even been edited). How is that going to get a grade? A class full of seniors/upperclassmen producing crap is weak. Four years (in some cases 2 years) of training for that? Christ, I'm not going to be apart of that because I know My team's effort and skills are far more better. I want to get all who reads this, their opinion. Post in the Message board. Please no flames!

Sorry to vent like that. Any way! Other news! School prom is comming up (For any F.H.P. Students) May 4th at Alltell Stadium. So far also, Plans are for a good portion of the local Fujicrew to hit Orlando the next day to Islands of Adventure and Rocky's Replay. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures and write up a report.  That's enough from me for today. Until then, Ciao!




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