The Weekend Upon - July.25. 01
Welcome to The new Page

Posted by Shin
initialshin.jpg (14312 bytes) Welcome every one to yet another revision of This time I'm happy with I owe thanks to Maryssa for making this awesome layout. I've tried to do something different for but every time I tried, It became a failed attempt. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself in web design. But that's a different story. But remember, Maryssa owns you.

In other news, As Mappy's last update, AFO is upon us! I'm excited. Dance Dance Revolution and Anime in once place. You can't beat that. I'm heading out Friday morning with Firefly and Bran-Chan. Loki, Crazy Bee, Loki's room mate and Miyazawa (Maybe) also.

Friday night I'm planning on hitting Rocky's Replay. From what I'm reading, Floridian DDRers are hitting Rocky's Replay that night so I'm definitely taking pictures. Expect a shit load of pictures from AFO2 by me. I'll be all over that joint..yo! Before I leave Orlando though, Sunday I'm hoping to find where I used to live when I was a kid. See, There are others who would understand, The life of a Military Brat at a young age isn't all that stable. Your always moving and losing friends because of that. So I'm gonna go stop by and check out my old hood.

Anyways, I hope every one enjoys the new Send your praises about the new Look to Maryssa! Ciao!

[ Shin ]