May 26th, 2001
Senior Week
The end of the start. How we wasted time this week.
Posted by Shin
at 8:27 AM

As some of you all know, some of the Fujikoma members, Like I, are seniors this year. This thrusday we graduate. But to the point of this post, Last week was Senior activities week.  So I'm reporting ^_^.

Monday- Ghetto Bowling. For a long time I hadn't gone bowling since I left Orlando a good 8 or so years a go. Bran-Chan, Pedro, Pixie, Smurf Girl Tammy, and other good friends pretty much went crazy with this. We bowled a good some odd hours. At one point, since I don't really know how to bowl, I launched that bowling ball a good 4 feet into the air and got a spare ^.^;;. Then afterward, I got a bit tired and hit the arcades they had there. Now much of a selection though. A couple of pinball machines, Crusin' USA (X.x Christ those games suck), and some Harley Davidson game (Crazy Taxi with motorcycles). Played some pool a bit, after several long and annoying rounds, I quit. Where's the DDR machine in Jacksonville? ;_;

h4 h4 h4 +h3 (0u|\|+ 0\/\/|\|z J00 Tuesday- Canceled. Tuesday's trip was canceled. Not exactly sure why. We were supposed to goto the park across from the Base that I work at. I heard that they were just gonna let us loose there like wild animals, which doesn't sound very fun since it was a hot and sunny day. So Bran-Chan and I watched Fast Food Freedom Fighters (Her first time watching it). After that Barbara came along and we all went swimming. Then home to get ready for work, woo!


Wendsday- Skating like there was no tomarrow. Christ this was a bit of a bad Idea. I ended up with blisters on my feet the size of Canada. Before we hit the skating place, we stopped off at a Burger King. While I was eating, my eyes glanced over to the window where Pedro is jumping around infront of the teacher's window like a monkey. 0.o First thing that ran through my mind was "WtF?" So I went out to where Pedro was. It turned out to be the little playplace thing they had there. Eventually we had a good portion of the Senior Class playing on the thing X.x. Then we arrived at the skating place. Some doubted my skill but I proved them wrong. The races were announced and I joined in. I would have won but that asshole (not mentioning his name) pushed me into one of the Teachers X.x.

Thursday- Awards Ceremony. Woo...yea..hmmm..Well It was a ceremony..they gave out awards. Bran-chan got a good mountin full of awards. She owns the school according to the school records. She's Valadictorian (however it's spelled). Eventually we found ourselves at Bee's place. Did the usual stuff, Video games and food. Some Street Fighter Zero 3 and Beat Mania. Found ourselves back at school again. To our surpise every one's car in the parking lot had be tagged up with some shoe polish. Then Bee, Sushi and I along with other friends did some kareoki to Elvis's "Hound Dog." Finally 1:30 Arrived so we may pick up our cap and gowns for graduation. Then again, I went to work.

Friday- Adventure Landing. Heh ,Well the situation was the bus driver had to be back to our school at one. Adventure landing on the other side of the city was an hour away. Which only left us an hour or two there. So we all left the bus and went our own damned selves to the one down the street. As well as every one else at the school who followed our lead. The place didn't open til 10:00, So we hit Shoney's for some breakfast. I think I'm losing more weight then I originally thought. Normally I'm able to down a good 3-4 plates of breakfast at the Morning buffet there..but I was only able to get 1 and plate down. ^_^ DDR owns for that. Adventure landing was probibly happy to get rid of when we left. First we hit the go-carts...not once but atleast a good 10-11 times the first round before we gave up to play Lazer-tag. Played there for a good hour. From there it was back and forth from the Go-karts , Lazer Tag and the occasional break for soda or a game.

And that , my friends is this past week. Go school! Next is Graduation. More then, Ciao!

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