HeyoMarch 9th, 2001
We Get Signal!
Main Screen Turn On.
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Mappy at 12:04 AM

Ohayocon Roll 3 is finally scanned! Look for pictures 56-77 as the new files. Yes, I even added the previously removed C-Chan pictures that were only listed as file numbers before. Thanks Chuck for the encouragement!

PSO page is heating up. These last few weeks have gotten really intense, with Ryosuke gaining access to extremely rare & unique items. Shin lost his character a few times (much like his computer, heh) but now things seem to be on track. Even had the privilege of getting Lindze, Brad, and Val to join in the fray. its great! Soon we'll all be able to play V-Hard and kick some major bootay! Remember Everyone, We Are Lewd!

Woodstock2001: 2nd Mix plans are coming into order. As of now it'll be the weekend of March 23-25th. Dogbert and I might be driving up there for the few days. Dunno if Kate's posse is joining in but itd be good to have her insanity along ^_^. joey* said to have found the "other" DDR game Pump-It-Up as well as Samba De Amigo at some Atlanta bowling alley. this should definately be a thrill to play these games, at a freakin' bowling alley of all places! I'll be sure to bring along the sombrero for some groovin' pictures! On that note only a week until DDR 4th Mix debuts in Japan. I'll be sure to get WuHeiLong to bogg down the MiRC servers like crazy on that mess and try to get it on its day of release.

I got my CD today as well! E-Rotic Megamix. Its got 25 Tracks plus a Bonus track and its just so great. I've had it on loop all night. Napster is seeing its final hours but that hasn't stopped me from getting what little i can at its last hours. Tonight I attained a nice selection of HappyHardcore tracks, some Smile d.k (to be posted soon ^_^ heehee), and other various Remixes. Thanks to songsearch.net for their understanding service in providing me with my Import CDs on time and sending in great condition. Now wheres my Bambee "On Ice" CD?!?

Gimme Gimme Gimme!
Dancemania Presents E-ROTiC MegaMix!

Oh yeah, limited time offer! Go and download the Smile d.k songs Dragonfly and Doo Bi Do Bi My Boy. Enjoy while supplies last ^_^.


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