SKA, babyFebruary 26th, 2001
Geocities sucks worse than my PSO character.
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Mappy at 11:40 AM

Katsu Flu is finally over! What a weekend, oh boy. It just too bad everyone got a strange illness afterward. Poor Lindze had a temp of 103! yowza!

For me, i was cured by Maryssa's loving spirit (and idea to "Piss It Out!") and this song by ATC "Around The World". To my complete shock it was played on the local radio, during daylight hours! the song is Dope Sausage I'm telling ya! On top of that its already gotten remixed. though the remix is nothing as cool as the first one. theres not enough solo piano and sounds way too much like the bad remix of J-Lope's WatitingForTonightMillenium2k.

Broken pictures on the site and missing files are due to Geocities complete Fuuuusion-HA with Yahoo! now its totally yahoo and no more geocities. dang sell-outs. anyway there was a complete disruption of the wired when this happened because so many people link geocities images, including us! Fujikon now works pretty well, but other parts of the site are undergoing renovation. it's getting cleaned up soon enough don't worry. On that note Fujikon2 is almost complete and Fujikoma 2.0 is getting better and better each day. Break free of frames ^_^

oh c'mon, theyre not THAT baggy. well okay they are =P
Cute widdle doodle by Maryssa after Katsucon ^.^


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