I'm going...to Katsu!February 14th, 2001
The insanely righteous peanut shell con (Cashu?)
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Mappy at 11:53 PM


Yes...she misspelled Fuji...-_-;Bust A Move Party!Too much to say about this con already. lots of great friends over time, lots of great friends ive yet to meet in person; ALL of whom which will be attending Virginia's very own Katsucon.





Alright on with the heyos;

Starting off once again with fellow Fuji Members...
C-Chan. she didnt really have much fun at Ohayo. sick,tired, ranted...just didn't really seem to enjoy herself. Rumors are her little (well not Little...uhm...younger?) brother will be there with her! Maybe he can cheer her up!
Carolina and i will finally get to karaoke the opening song to Initial D
"Around The World"! Lina, you'd better make in time or i'll sing without ya!
and you don't want me singing both Male and Female J-pop lyrics!! >.<
Elfeater and her boi Sung are going to go and hopefully STAY the entire con.
Lets all pray for Elfys health for this. its great she made and im sure
she's gonna help make this a blast as she did with SugoiCon.
KawaiiJenny and the almighty SomethingCuteCosplay; well i look forward to 10
hours on the road with these lovlies. im sure we'll want to kill each other
by the end of that trip ^^;;, should be good wholesome fun!
Maryssa! Oh my goodness, so so so much to say here! she and i have a lot in
common and shes just as exited as i am about meeting up. she even likes
ClashAtDemonhead! i swear this girl is sooo cool! On top of that, shes
extremely Hot and has a great lineup of new costumes!
Kimmy-chan was nice enough to find me an essential piece of my Beat costume;
the -headset-. shes really cool, and even though she might not be able to
bring her DDR Emi costume, im sure theres lots more in store!
Dommichan, youve done a great job being a 1-woman team as far as scheduling
cosplay group pics. i hope it all goes as planned (if not, im sure you can
make it happen ^_^). I'll still be needing Goth makeup for shorty friday
DJ Heat of the MoreRhythm & BAM scene is going to be there, so we'll
represent our long-deceased site and have a truely righteous party thanks to
the help of...
Enigmaopoeia! yes, the famed creator of BAMGlobal! her and her sister are
going and DjHeat is going to see if she can attend the BAM Party and provide
Dance Summit 2001!

Beat! As seen this weekend (i hope)As of now im 3/4 packed for the con. costumes are in order...well aside from Beat. the Beat costume will be finished though! Thanks to Shin for sending me the shirt, Kimmy for the headset, Jian for the watch, and WuHeiLong for the cans. Jenny and Leo are going to do some patchups on the shirt Thursday evening so itll have green collar and sleeves. 4 Rolls of film for this con too! Ohayocon i was finished with 3 by the cosplay on Saturday. i wish i had a few more, as i missed getting pics of the Strawberry Cake fight in the  lounge and pics of people leaving on sunday morning. the 4 rolls should be just enough...i hope!

Early schedule for me: The lovely angelic Maryssa
Thursday- work until noon; get last-minute packing done; WuHeiLong is getting me for the bus station around 2pm; take the 2:45 bus to Atlanta (if i miss then its the 6:45 bus -_-;); meet up with KawaiiJenny in Atlanta...foot massages will unfortunately follow "le sigh"; fix costumes all night and maybe some DDR.
Friday- Early early leave for the con (i prolly wont even sleep Thurs. ill sleep in the van); arrive sometime from noon-2pm depending on how fast the traffic North is (and seeing how Marti Gras is south, well it shouldnt be too bad, especially at 2am in the morning). At the con, I'll be JetSetRadio's Beat for awhile, change into DDR Rage for the evening. Around 6pm theres a planned Animal Magnetism cosplay and after that; DDR cosplay! Im getting so many pics of this. hopefully there will be DDR in the videogame room so we can get pics on dance pads to heighten the coolness! After we all meet for DDR we're going to invade (infect?) Maryssa's room with a BustAMove party. i've only told a few select individuals about this party so itll be invite-only; No Conslugs! If things go well Jian will meet up with Enig and will be able to get her to go; hence she will bring Bust A Move: Dance Summit 2001 with her and things will totally rock! If not then BAM2 is always fun (maybe some DDR in the mix too). Still debating whether or not to all-out on the Shorty costume. In light of it being a BAM party, i'll be wearing the Shorty shirt, but it might be hard finding Dommichan at that hour to get makeup done to make me into a true Goth Shorty. Im getting full coverage of this event to. I really hope everyone i invited shows up!
Saturday- Early morning Unico cosplay. still unsure of time and place of this, but Tikki might be too busy with her Ironcat schedule to be able to change from Cherry into CatGirl. same with H-Chan. if not then i'll let em know to cosplay Sunday morning. But ill be in the Boom-daddy of all costumes of mine; Toby. Later on more BigFire and happy-go-lucky parties to join in and have fun with. Prolly the DDR tournaments where this time i'll compete and Win!
Sunday- Sleep. maybe leave around 2-3pm. I already miss my friends from the con ;_;

See everyone there! ^_^



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