January 21st, 2001
The Nothern Hosers, eh?
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Mappy at 8:38 PM

Like a shooting star, across the midnight sky!Kawaii Duo Maxwell!1 Week countdown until OhayoCon. Plan right now is-
Wednesday; arrive in Akron, Ohio. Spend time with daddy and try to weasel out some cash for the con prepare for the convention ahead.
Friday; early morning my cousin Kevin and i get dropped off at the hotel and ensue some serious fun!
Saturday; Kevin's got some Winter Carnival Extravaganza thing to do so he might be leaving for the WEEKEND? day and return later that night. i can't wait for the dance. Oh man i must buy more glowsticks to give out to the ladies ^_^
Sunday; probably leave when the con dies down. I won't sleep Saturday so that evening will be spent doing something that rarely happens with me and cons-SLEEP!


y2kj, jason, Leo, Jenny all leashed up -insidejoke-, Mappy, my lil cousin Kevin, C-Chan, K-Chan, Blue

So who's gonna be there?
well we got true to my heart very close friend and fellow member of Fujikoma; C-Chan who is gonna be working as a helper for the cosplay. I hope to hang out with her like we did at A-Kon. she's such a cool person to be around, sides...she can Rave!
Kawaii Jenny and her friend Leo will be there. I'm slaveboy to her but we'll see who will be carrying the leash!
Y2KJ and Jason will be the ones with the room i'm bumming. lotsa kewl inside jokes from them i hope! ^_^ "The Rock eats only one kind of pie...Puuntang pie!"
Jase, the moonmilkarts guy who did the really cool art for OhayoCon's mascot and does some interesting XPlay.
Kei and her hubby Blue are having a Reception party im invited to. im sure to get a bit hammered there!
Tikki made a last minute switch so she's miraculously going to be at this con. But I won't have the Toby costume so no pictures =[. I hope i can get a better picture of her Naga costume as because the last one i took of her she was too busy working.
Kawaii Duo girl from SugoiCon, Mary will have 2 rooms this con so i plan to stop by for some late night dance parties, and hopefully get to show everyone my music video (too late for the official contest unfortunately)
JILL, spelled J-I-L-L of the Shooting Star Happy Hardcore circle said shed be there in all of her PLURr flaunting raver cuteness.

Guests? hrm well ill bring some of my friend Shawn's Captain Tylor videos to get autographed as some of the animators will be at the con. Jei Fulber the man who does www.anipike.com will be there, hopefully I can get on the same Webpage panel as him (Kei??!) to promote the site! As always Steve Bennett will be there in all of his elite greatness, but this time with a twist. OhayoCon will feature the first ever Anime Personality Roast in which i'll be sure to attend. They're going to roast Steve Bennett and i gotta be there!

Only downfall to the con? well several downfalls i hope won't deter from the fun.
One- The hotel is small. i talked to Dad about it and hes been there several times before. its not the Ritz, its not even the Hilton. its an airport hotel in a busy city but that never seemed to be a problem. in fact, things are a Lot easier to find in small hotels than large ones *ahem* AWA/DragonCon *ahem*
Two- First year con. Actually i'll say this is more of a plus than downfall. first year cons always tend to want to try new things, and kinda ad-lib what the audience wants more. Look at the DDR tournament at SugoiCon. It was thought up last minute, rules made on the whim, and just kinda invented as we went along.
Three- No Elfeater, Alisa, Carolina, etc. nobody really knows about the con, or can't get to it so i won't know all that many people there. again, its not much of a downfall but its just something that irks me. Not that i don't mind meeting new faces ^_^, but it's nicer to be able to know more people so they can share the con experience and you can talk about it afterwards.

I must limit myself at this con! i plan on getting a new computer so for one thing i Must must must lay off the $40 Original soundtracks. theyre just not worth it. I endorse HK CDS! YES! no bootlegs? fine, then ill spend my money on plushies and artbooks. i cant afford to pay $50 for an original Initial D soundtrack when i KNOW i can find the same thing by SM or EverAnime for only a measly $10. its just not worth it. I understand i'm ripping off the original artists and their record labels aren't making a dime from the HK industry but c'mon people! a guys gotta make a living! The only real soundtracks im on the hunt for as of now are: DDR4thMix, BeatmaniaGottaMix2, Jet Set Radio, and any Inital D Euromixes i might have missed. that's about it really. Oh and if they're selling SambaDeAmigo Maraccas for dreamcast cheap, theyre Mine! Oh and on the DVD Scene i must get more HK Flicks. hopefully they'll be selling all-region so i will have something to play on my PS2 ^_^.

DDR Tournament; Jenny wins!


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