January 14th, 2001
Toilet Humor!
Its 1am in the f*ckin morning!
Posted by
Mappy & Waffle at 2:38 AM

Ok, so its got absolutely nothing to do with anime, videogames or whatever but heres some fun toilet humor.
While watching Arcadia Of My Youth (thaks C-Chan!) Waffle noticed something...unnatural. Something, sinister leaking out of the murky depth of which we like to call; The Toilet!

Water Water Everywhere! As you can clearly see the water flows all over!

Fu*k! As$!Waffle observes the leak and begins shouting random explicatives. He managed to use "F*ck" five times in a single sentence!

BlankMan makes a cameo!Huzzah! Waffle "BlankMan"  III comes to the rescue!

Caution: you could slip & dieBay Orderly detail seemed to forget to lock up the storage closet. Hrm...wonder how that coulda happened? ::whistles::

Hiiiii  YAH!Take that fiendish evildoers of floody toilets! Yes!

Clean...for now...Alls well that ends well. Back to sitting my bohonkus back on the crapper and doing what nature calls. or standing?

(This is what happeneds when im bored late night on weekends. I love insomnia!)


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