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Showtime!- October 28th 2002 1:00am
Posted by Mappy Shirts Made In Thailand

Props to Azrael (Sam)
Wanted to start this update with some pictures Sam (Tucan Azreal aka "Auzzie") sent me of the shirts he had made in Thailand. they look AMAZING! The colouring looks great, letters stand out, and the shoulder logos make the shirt look like we're an official corporation! Great job!!

Con season is extremely dry lately. AFO3 and AWA8 both went over really well. Lots of people and new faces showed up. The Official Fujikoma @ AWA8 page is here: if you haven't seen images yet. nothing else is up on the site but reviews will be up eventually. thats about it really. Nekocon is coming up soon but none of us will be there and the only one plausable after that is Ohayocon 3 in January. No definates but I really like that con and will try my best to make it.

Message board has been quiet lately as most of us are either working laborous hours (Shin) at our jobs or in school. On the other hand, the Oekaki has been getting some amazing fan work added to it. Thanks to Kyuteneko, InvaderZim121, and ChibiPencil for promoting it so much and getting more people to draw on it. i only wish I could make it so more entries could appear than just 50. Oh well, I'm planning to set up a "The Best Of Oekaki" soon enough. Need to talk with Joanna on getting the cgi-bin part of it going.

This is truely an amazing month for videogames. Suikoden III came out this week and is an amazing sequel and really lives up to its hype. If youve played the other games in this series, this one is sure to impress. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City comes out later this month and everyone has been hyping over it. Theres even a contest that when you buy the game you recieve a chance to win a REAL 1980's DeLorean! my Dream car!! This is really exciting! will also be changing servers in the near future. Expect a short downtime while files are being arranged and transferred, but once everything is sucessfully moved, there will be 200 Megs of space instead of 100 to work with which will mean lots of new things to add!

I've started a questionairre on the Message board here, basically asking everyone what they would like to see on what could be added, what extras would attract more people, just about anything really as its had the same sections and look for quite awhile now. So far the Reviews section is being requested to make a comeback which it will once more reviews come in and a good enough layout is worked out. If you have any ideas or suggestions, don't be afraid to come by and suggest. Thanks!

Until next month...