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Showtime!- August 30th 2002 1:48am
Posted by Mappy

Once again another bi-monthly update from!
Anime con season rolling in and a slew of new games coming out for all of the systems. its been busy lately!

first i'll start off with my personal life. As you all may know by now I went to Japan!! the trip was made entirely possible by Erin whom i can't thank enough for making the trip possible. it meant so much to finally go and i'm really glad we both made it back safely. 12 hours on a place; Whew! while there we arrived at Narita Airport and took a rail to Tokyo, stayed a few nights in Iidabashi, frequently visited Akihabara, and stayed our last night in Akusabasa. because the flights were standby i had to stay a day later than Erin and was helped out by MoreRhythm's Ko and his mom. i tried not to spend ALL my money there but i have to admit; Japan is expensive!! i really hope to go back again someday. Japan is really wonderfull.

Getting back to america i was lucky enough to make it back just in time for Otakon. yes i was worn out. yes i was nearly broke, but that didn't stop me from going to one of the largest anime cons in america. Otakon was big, crowded, and placed right in the middle of downtown Baltimore, Maryland. thanks to D for driving all the way there and back. I purchased a brand new memory card for my digital camera before the con, and while it seemed to work; showing me i had 1,400 pictures to take... the camera glitched up midway through the con. apparently the camera is only able to handle 8 megs so once it hit around 75 pics; it became corrupt and shut down. so in the end i only managed to keep about 14 pics. i took SO many on Friday too. there were some really great costumes at this one.

not even a month later came Fujikoma's favorite con; Anime Festival Orlando 3. the con turned out to be a great sucess. room parties, friends, new faces, karaoke; so so so much to do! all of us really enjoyed ourselves and the people running it should be proud to be running such a sucessfull con. We salute you guys!

Dragon*Con is this weekend and though its not entirely an anime convention, its got a few perks worth going too. besides, its Labor Day so might as well spend it doing something fun, right? AWA follows up shortly after which a few of us will be attending. The final Fantasy Ball is definately something new worth trying out, but hopefully this year AWA wont suck as bad.

In the videogame front, things are picking up once again. Yes, i know i've gone through SEVERAL playstation 2's trying to get the "pperfect mod" on my system but right now im damn near close to perfection. Magic II its called, and is nearly flawless as it will play backups of ps1, ps2, and dvdrs without having to use gameshark or do any swap tricks. the modding was done by's gokun who i will say is totally awesome at modding!

Kingdom Hearts is coming out mid september and is going to totally shake some new ground into gaming. i wa able to get an early release of the game, and I'll say this game is a blast! for any fan of disney or Squaresoft this game is totally worth getting. so many characters from all of the disney and final fantasy series, an all-star voice acting cast, many many secrets, and the Hikaru Utada theme song! WOW!

So, in closing, sorry again for lack of updates but the message board is where most of the activity is on this site and Fujikon is where most of the pictures go. we're currently working on yet another layout for the main site featuring McKayla's Fujikoma Mascot costume. it should be a really stylin' new look we hope everyone will like.

Peace out!