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3 Months without an official update. THREE! gah... sorry about the massive delay but due to extreme job situation i've had ZERO computer time as of late. Things are running smoothly again and progress is on its way.

First in the con scene: Ohayocon was great! Just as good as the previous year and lots more to do, especially in the videogame room. Got to attend a lot of parties and got special access to staff-only game room event which was really cool. Katsucon was missed this year, but from the way it sounded the hotel it was held at had no idea what was going on and security was really rough this year. Shin, Bran, and Babs got to hit up MegaCon this year, and got to finally check out XS Orlando; and awesome Orlando arcade with nearly all of the new Bemani music arcade games. Anime Express 5 22-24 Animazement may24-26 Next up is A-kon 13 On May 31 - June 2nd. Erin and i are going along with the Genki Gang on this one so it should be lots of fun. they're even going to have DDRMax there!

breaking videogame news almost as shattering as Sega making Nintendo games is that Square and Nintendo are now in cahoots. apparently their extreme loss from Spirits Within not only caused them to overcharge FFX, but it seems they'll go to just about any length to get back on foot. Nothing to worry about really. Final Fantasy XI, being a MMORPG is pretty much a cash cow if they charge a monthly fee. but then again it -does- take quite a lot to build such a large amount of servers for the game to host everything. The beta of it looks really fresh and clean, and the music is really plesant.

Livejournal seems to be the big thing among anime/videogamers lately. So thanks to Kate Fujikoma now has a Community Livejournal. Its mainly used for discussing direct fujikoma ideas and sharing Quizs and Surveys to be used on other livejournals and blogs. you don't need an account to post a comment so join in anytime if youve got a suggestion/idea to share!

ErinyPicture storage is now Popup free. Old images still remain on geocities, but anything from this point on will be stored on the servers. Thanks SO much to Erin! ^_^

As for further updates, Check The EZBoard!!! its constantly busy with new posts from everyone here in Fujikoma and plans for what to do as far as parties and cons go. The official page will be "Updated" monthly, with a basic wrap-up of whats going on.




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