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- January. 08. 2002
Posted by Mappy

        Ohayocon is this weekend at Cleveland Ohio. Going to be visting my dad the rest of this week and then on the weekend will be the con. should be great seeing everyone again since the last con I was at there were only the people I went with.

       Christmas party pictures as well as serveral other event pictures are now up. The digital camera has served really well and hasn't let me down once. To make things easier to navigate, all pictures are laid out so you can see 100x100 thumbnails of each picture. Some have captions if you hover the mouse over them but not many right now. Hrm.. I'm thinking of using this style for Fujikon, but with so many pictures taken it might become really confusing to navigate, and a good amount of people are curious which costume the anime came from so a descriptions of the picture with a link might be more helpful.

      Changes in the site are obvious but a few things have been tweaked since the new year. cleaned up About Fujikoma and adding images soon. Members might need some updating as well. Possible talk about yet another layout for Fujikon hopefully with less confusing tables to work out.