Unico RulesOctober 26th, 2001
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Mappy at 1:48 PM

PLURR!Let me begin by saying Atlanta Clubs are soooo great! The Globe!^_^ As seen on the right are Bug, Kammy, Angel, and myself. the place was full of high energy music. Mostly Jungle, some Drum N Bass, Funky House, etc. Its gotten me back into my "Buy More Music" mode so i did just that. so far ive got Gorillaz, the new Garbage CD, Djay Alice, and should be getting Missing Heart this week sometime.

Anime con coming up. MTAC 2½. Inubito and i are hitting this one. looks to be a pretty small con, but fun since its got people like us hosting the Dance and DDR Tournament. Reminds me of Sugoicon sorta, which i liked!

Atlanta Airport funOn the videogame front i think i should re-cap a bit before devulging which nextgen system ive chosen.
years years back NintendoCD was due to come out. attaching to the bottom of the supernes it looked to be a dream. 7thGuest wow'd me at the time. And my friend Nathan even found a a video screen of a possible Final Fantasy game on the system with fully 3-d characters and great a battle sequence.but the idea fell through and Sony went off on its own.
Nintendo64 came out. with its hideous looking "Cow-Troller" controller i tried seeing the light in this. the systyem predicted getting EarthBound2/Mother3, WonderProjectJ2, Robotech, and MarioRPG2. not a single one of these ever happened. so far the only TRUE n64 game i can hostly say i LOVED would be NeonGenesisEvangelion. the game was not only fun but it fully took advantage of the systems possibilities. other thanthat n64 had ZERO quality games and the audio was disgusting. the first sign of censorship was when i noticed in Pilotwings they had changed the girls name Hooter. uh oh... thats Offensive! better make it a kiddy game! how many times have i heard "who wants to play Goldeneye?!" what other games you got? "Um... Perfect Dark!" i think ill pass. im not much of a party gamer anyway and it seemed like every game on that system ended up being 4 players.
Now Project Dolphin...Excuse me GameCube seems to be going down the same path. sure nintendo has always made the most fun games, but any RPGs? im sure theres going to be plenty of censorship with this too. not only that but ive always loved popping in music to my game systrems and listening to them while i do other stuff. not this time! why minidisc? to avoid people burning games? pa! you can get blank minidiscs anywhere.

now im not all for X Box either. so far its gotten nothing but rants. a very unimpressive show at E3 and no support from any real of my favorite companies like Square, Konami, etc. online support is great but just because the games are online it doesnt make them good. The controller... i think ill skip that part =P THO i have seen screens of anime games on the system and JetSetRadioFuture alone might be the reason id buy the system, and best of all; no region block. its about time a system went universal!

Early prediction: Nintendo will eventually follow the route of Sega and go for software, not hardware. GameBoyAdvance will be their big big profit...and Pokemon. they make AMAZING games but much like sega.. their systems just look flaky on the market. X Box is good for developers., its got a few years left on it and with the right 3rdparty support they just might be even-steven competition.
PS2's harddrive and network broadband have my money right now. the system is still going strong, heck; even PSOne is still making games. you dont see 64 games popping up anymore do you? im more for software and PS2 seems to be where all the software i like is heading.


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