Crazy Bee!August 16th, 2001
Milk And Cereal
Gettin' Kinda Greedy
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Mappy at 1:48 PM

im the loser on the rightNEWS? What happened to the news? Well theres not really much news-wise back here where i am but outside there were a few fun events going on. Only things going on with me would be the (still) constantly malfunctioning computer that i refuse to get rid of. Why? Because it cost me my entire tax return and i'm still stubbornly trying to get it to work. To think now it won't even allow me to enable Cookies. But at least it'll burn CDs (at 2x =P). Not only that but my super-duper HighSchool Graduation present, aka My VCR...broke. No longer will it play tapes. So until i find a way to get to the nearest repair store (is there one?) then i can't copy anything anymore.

all my uber-cool DDR junkAnime Expo was great! Not only is California much more scenic and large but the people seem to be really great and friendly. Met several new groups, played the arcades, and got my first field testing of a digital camera + handcam. Results; Immaculate pictures and some very entertaining video footage.

Following Expo was Anime Festival Orlando 2. In an extremely last minute descision and some quick planning on my part, Dogbert and i were able to make it there and back with cash to spare (military discounts do have its perks). While there got to meet up with lotsa message board friends, as well as South Florida DDR crew. DDR scene is getting large. almost too large even... whats up with these little annoying DDR kids tho?

Pics up from Nadine's birthday party. was a fun lil gathering where everyone aside from the guys worked on costumes all night. Pretty fun, and then later on we went out to Dim Sum for some huge feast of miscellaneous Chineese dishes. Yes, i even had some of the Chicken Feet which tasted like sponge >=D~~

Plans for AWA are still a go-go. Lotsa people going, got a room reserved and possible DigitalCamera + VideoCam combo i had at Expo. Should be great footage once again worthy of its own site. and speaking of sites, theres a chance might become a reality. Massive con coverage on its own seperate domain name! Woot woot!


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