Its NEWS!!July 21st, 2001
Anime Festival Orlando 2
The Neo Fujikon
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Mappy at 7:30 PM


Youre On Totally Mappy VideoWhew, what a trip! California was really really great! Got to meet up with lotsa people, see the Wessttside, and get tons of great pictures on digital camera (and video; as seen on the right!). But its not all about conventions anymore. Its getting to meet awesome new people and seeing new places.
The con coming up, Anime Festival Orlando 2 is going to be really great because not only will tons of Fujikoma members be attending, but we'll also have a room to ourselves, transportation anywhere, and even co-hoting the DDR/Para Para Rave with our good friend Gene! This could be our big break into being con celebrities! Well...maybe not that big but eh its a start!

BAAaaahhhhhhhThe EZBoard is picking up really well. Thanks to me, no more stupid popups or banners (well...just one ^_^;) to worry about! The categories are divided fairly well so theres bound to be something new to be posted in all of the sections.
On the gaming front; things are starting to get more and more exiting. DDR has now spread to over 30+ locations in Florida and theyre steadily getting more. Orlando now has 4thMixPlus and is rumored to even get a Para Para Paradise Machine! The 3rd Atlanta tournament is coming up next and takes place in a mall. Dogbert and TeamEGO are said to be representing up in that mug. Good luck guys and gals!
As for me, im lazy. The new computer i got nearly died out completely so right now its in the hands of Elite Hacker RaW who said he is going to try putting the new WindowsXP on it, if not then 2000. The Yamaha 12x CD Burner wasn't working correctly either which he said he'll attempt to fix. But once its all done things should really pick up. The connections here are now DSL and i've got plenty of links to FTPs. Not only that but the computer has a TV-Out card so movie files can now be put on video! woo hoo! No more watching that crummy 15' monitor. It'll be on a full screen television with killer surround sound!
The overseas contact Waffle only has a week until he arrives in beautiful beautiful Okinawa, Japan. Funny enough one of his favorite comic book artists Cyanne W.. is coming to AFO2. I'll try and be nice to get him an autograph or two. ^_^ Version 3.5 (4??) should be completed soon! Expect new sections and easier layout scheme! Also Fujikon will finally get back all of its missing and/or incomplete sections! Yay!


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