DDR 4th....oh god, oh god!May 11th, 2001
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Sexy Scantily CalistrisaIts con season once again, and things are off to a strange turnaround. due to work and other matters Most of us won't be able to attend animazment. im working memorial day weekend, and shin can't make it.

However, this weekend is JACON, in orlando, fl. Waffle, Cybil, and me are driving down for the weekend and probably visiting the con Saturday. theres said to be a DDR Tournament there which i'll finally be able to meet up with some of the people i moderate (phear!) on the DDRJamz Board. ive also planned to meet up Calistrisa there and then later that night we'll do to Rockys Replay where we'll be the first players on the brand new DDR 4thMixPLUS machine! oh god, oh god!

Genemon caught a Tare Panda!DDRBoy was nice enough to let us all crash at his place. hes got ParaPara, KeyboardMania, and Drummania, as well as lods of other games to play there, and ill definately get pictures. Wal*Mart thankfully had disposable cameras on sale for $5 a pop. not bad, but soon...oh so very soon i'll get a digital one which will be great for cons.

As many of you prolly noticed the site had a big crash the other day. This was due to the webhosts hard drive dying. everything was erased and only directories remained. so if you still see any broken links -email us- and we'll try to get it fixed. Most sections should be semi-working. maybe a few missing files but the directories and links should all be there. Email just got back up the other day so any mail sent to @fujikoma.com wasn't recieved.

In other news, i got my Wonderswan Color + Final Fantasy II set. its really cool looking and the game is so much cleaner than the old NES version. Menu system, colors, and battles are exactly like my fav. game in the whole world FinalFantasyIV. theres no headphone jack on WS so thats my big gripe now. My playstation 2 still isnt modded sadly. The NEO2 died out and i had to get everything removed. in the process my cd tray got messed up and nopw it opens REALLY fast...almost flinging CDs out x_X. but soon the NEO3 "Star" chip will be out allowing me to play all imports and copies. Don't get the external USB mods...theyll fry your system good. I think its about time i finally start ordering from lik-sang. ive heard good things and their prices are dirt cheap. only problem is that they're shipping from HongKong. First two things to get; 1- the Wonderswan 6in1 kit. i NEED a light for this thing...and a case, and some kinda battery charger for long trips. theres my answer. 2nd thing is....a PSX Guitar! news on the front is that Epitermal Phantasia (the Konami RPG/guitar-playing game) is sceduled to be released in July and thatd be the whole reson to get one. sides.. I've still got Guitar freaks & Guitar Freaks 3rd mix to play with and the game is murder on the controller!


BTW- look for a new, cool, FRAMELESS layout version 3 coming soon! ^_^



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