DDR4thMix.....im there dudeMarch 22nd, 2001
Woodstock 2001: 2nd Mix!
We'll sell you the whole seat
you'll only need the edge!

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Mappy at 11:24 AM

yay fujikoma ddrWoodstock2001: 2nd Mix
First off: addresses and phone numbers of the places

Malibu Gran Prix
5400 Brook Hollow Parkway
(770) 409-1854

PumpItUp / SambaDeAmigo
International Bowl
5600 Burford hw
(678) 281-0270


lil mappy, joey*, mappy, dogbert, lindze,& a Turnip!

Yep yep, I'm hoping for a nice showout of lotsa people. So far definates are: KawaiiJenny, Joey*, Dogbert, Lindze, Brad, and myself.
The maybes are: Yaya and her hubby, Nadine, Tirkiman, Leo, Erin, SaraKate & John, Kateo, Nato, Bobbette, and Strag0.
As far as scheduling goes everyone; you must remember Woodstock2001 was totally ad-libbed. there was only 1 plan- Arrive In Atlanta. Everything else just came as the weekend went along.
Friday- Dogbert and I arrive in atlanta around 7-8pm. Check in at rinky-dink Red Roof Inn and go to Malibu to play DDR all night (or until closing). Then later that night after closing chill at the hotel with some mad DDR4thMix fun!
Saturday- Early morning DDR. Sometime during the evening we'll go check out PumpItUp over at InternationalBowling. Around 6ish Dogbert, Joey, and me need to get to the Prom! ^_^
Sunday- not sure how long we'll be but maybe some last minute fun with DDR.

See you all there! and don't forget: Dance Hard!


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